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Cortellis APIs are back online

Dear Life Sciences Data Products users,

As of 2:30pm EDT, Wed, June 19th, the Cortellis APIs are back online! Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

The Targets API exposes a new target concept created by combining CDDI and MetaCore contents.

The new target records contain Gene, RNA and Protein information. Target-drug-condition / target-gene-condition / target-gene variant-condition associations are also accessible.

Targets API can help you to

  • Combine proprietary data to build a comprehensive resource giving more confidence that everything known in the organization is displayed
  • Stay up to date with all the latest drug targets’ information to facilitate better and faster business- critical decisions


  • Information on targets from patents, journals, meetings, trial registries, websites, regulatory bodies and public databanks
  • Details, including chemical structures of compounds known to interact with the target
  • Associated drugs with phase of development for each condition
  • Associated variant and biomarker information

Entities diagram (Colour coding – green: main entity | purple: supporting entities)

Search results, retrieve and export target records; Retrieve interactions, sequences, condition-drug / condition-gene / condition-gene variant associations related to a given target; Retrieve drug, trial, patent and reference records; Search and browse different controlled vocabularies (TargetClassification, Condition, Localization, Tissue, CellLine, Fluid).