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Cortellis Labs


Dear Life Sciences Data Products users,

Welcome to the newly updated Cortellis Labs!  We have a new look, and new content will be coming soon. Please send us your questions or comments at cortellislabs@clarivate.com


Cortellis Labs is a showroom of the Cortellis Life Sciences Data Products, their diverse content sets, and analytical capabilities .

You must register with your professional email address to access the technical resources about Cortellis APIs and standard data feeds. Any registration is subject to approval by Cortellis Labs administrator prior access is granted.

An API can be seen as a toolbox of building blocks that allows data integration implementation. Programming phases are required before being able to query and access the data.
Contact us for more information about the Cortellis APIs and how to get an API subscription.

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What's new?
  • 15/04/2024

    Cortellis Labs website updated!