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Company Analytics

Cortellis APIs are back online

Dear Life Sciences Data Products users,

As of 2:30pm EDT, Wed, June 19th, the Cortellis APIs are back online! Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

The Company Analytics API can complement the Investigational Drugs.

It allows searching and retrieving company, drug, deal and patent data. It contains 10 pre-defined functions to get patent expiry, patent activity by therapeutic areas, financials for batches of drugs and to compare companies. There are also 3 functions to identify similar companies.

Its data can be integrated with financial information from Thomson Reuters via Open Permanent Identifiers (Open PermIDs a.k.a. Organization Authority identifiers).

Company Analytics API can help you to

  • Compare patent, pipeline, financial and deal information across organizations
  • Track drug’s actual and forecast sales for competitive market analysis
  • Assess the impact of the patent cliff on drug revenues
  • Monitor patent’s expiry or renewal for generics manufacturer’s business
  • Identify similar companies by size, market cap and drug development activity
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators to contrast organizations


  • Company, drug and deal data from the Investigational Drugs API
  • Patents information from the Patents API