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Cortellis APIs are back online

Dear Life Sciences Data Products users,

As of 2:30pm EDT, Wed, June 19th, the Cortellis APIs are back online! Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience!


DATA FEED API provides a pathway to consume Clarivate data on demand and in a bulk transfer. The data is always current and always available.


With the Data Feed API

  • Data available to retrieve at any time – no waiting!
  • Data is always up-to-date
  • Data from multiple data sets can be retrieved from a single point
  • Data is interconnected across data sets and can be retrieved in a consistent format
  • Data can be used in all the same ways as a traditional data feed, including machine learning and populating internal data lakes and analytics platforms


Data Feed API is best for any in-house data integration project with/without Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Text-mining needs.

Data Feed API allows customers to perform on-demand bulk data downloads of subscribed content sets.